Automotive Course of Excellence

main.png Starts from the beginning of every month!
Special course offered for:

Graduate students (students attending first level/bachelor degree courses) of Mechanical Engineering;

The Automotive Engineering Course at Széchenyi István University is a great opportunity to increase your expertise on the field of automotive engineering while visiting Europe.  Participants will study practice oriented subjects such as automotive production technologies, design and development, alternative vehicles, internal combustion engines, failure analysis, etc...  Participants are going to visit some major automotive manufacturing  plants in Germany, Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary.

The ACE Summer Training Program at the Széchenyi István University is designed to help students to understand the nature of automotive sciences. The Program offers a unique opportunity to enhance their knowledge on the field of automotive  engineering under the supervision of renowned experts of Széchenyi István University.

Students take lessons, participate laboratory sessions, and visit automotive manufacturing plants, while experiencing real life automotive engineering.

Topics covered:

 Professional English language
 Engineering sciences
 Automotive engineering, structures
Internal Combustion Engines
Alternative vehicles
Automotive design
 Production engineering
Automotive production
Computer Aided Design


 9:00-12:00 Lectures
 12:00-13:00 Lunch
  13:00-16:00 Seminars/Labs/Teamwork
  3 one-day-trips and 1 two-days-trip+ 2-days-trip (optional)

Factory field trips:

Audi (Győr, Hungary)
 Suzuki (Esztergom, Hungary)
 Opel (Szentgotthárd, Hungary)
 Magna Styer (Graz, Austria)
 Mercedes (Kecskemét, Hungary)
 BMW (Munich, Germany)
 Skoda (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Venue of the Training

Győr (West Hungary, half way between Budapest and Vienna) The city is famous about the four rivers that meet here in the north-western part of Hungary.  About 15000 students attend the university majoring in engineering, law, economics, health, and music.

Accommodation / Catering

 2 types of accommodation
luxury dormitory accommodation (4 people/room)
4stars hotel accommodation (2 people/room)
 Breakfast and Lunch at the University’s Cafeteria
 Lectures take place in the classrooms and laboratories of the University


 Experts, Lecturers of the University
 Experts from the industry (Audi, Mercedes, Suzuki, Ford)
 Seminars / Laboratories / Activities by Student instructors


Upon successfully finishing the course, your certification will be signed by the university and the participating departments and institutes, also by the experts from the industry (Audi, Mercedes, Suzuki, Ford…)


 All inclusive airport-2-airport price ( incl. Application + participation + tuition fees; study materials ; plants' visits, field trips, transfers; accommodation; full-board)