Smart Region Innovation Cluster has established a countrywide network, where our partners are looking for online internship students. The companies are interested in discovering exporting opportunities in your country of origin. You would be asked:
  • to know thoroughly about your chosen company product list;
  • to make competition analysis in your country of origin
  • search for potential partners in your country of origin;
  • to make online communication, basic market researches;
  • to propose communication style, business culture in trading  /cultural orientation/
  • to collect the most important rules and knowledge in foreign trade in your country of origin;
You will be paid upon your performance and your professional knowledge will enhance. Moreover, you will get a reference certification by the CEO of the company.

Interested? Would like to know more?
Please send us a motivation letter first! What is your main interest? Which field or branch of economy you would be interested? Also, please send us a short introduction about your country of origin and what are the main import products and importing trends. You can contact us at info @

Based on your interest and skills, we will find you the most suitable company among our partners. If you will be selected we will sign a contract with you. Please note that the salary will depends on your efforts and ideas for supporting your company.

Make a huge step in your career enhancement!
Find the profession of your dreams!
Finance your study by your internship!

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